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PoemoftheWeek.org is an online anthology of contemporary American (for the most part) poetry. Editor Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum founded PoW in 2006 as a small email list to friends, family, and colleagues that brought verse to people who were lovers and students of poetry and to those whose knowledge of verse started and ended at The Divine Comedy. 

In the twelve years since PoemoftheWeek.org inception, PoW has become an institution, featuring unknown poets alongside winners of the Pulitzer-Prize winners alongside those emerging. As Pow has extended its reach, we have expanded our audience and have incorporated original interviews regarding the poems featured (rather than regarding a poet’s entire school of thought and work) and previously-published interviews, original and previously-published reviews of their collections, audio and video-recordings of our authors reading their work, and essays on poetics, the po-biz, and the po-life.

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Thank you,
Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum, Editor & Founder